The Newest Dungeons of Runescape 2007

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A list of Runescape 2007 dungeons that have been updated. Some of them have a new location, layout and other monsters to defeat.

Nieve’s New Cave inhabitants have been moved to a new area. The old dungeon still has plenty of enemies to defeat as the spawning rate was increased. There is also more room to fight monsters now. Smoke Devil Dungeons is an old area from Nieve’s Cave that is now found near Castle Wars. The layout is the same but the appearance was updated. Kalphite was once an area in Nieve’s Cave. Now it’s a new dungeon called Kalphite Hive and found in the Kharidian desert. Players should be prepared to fight against soldiers, workers and guardians.

The Chasm of Fire can be found in the Shayzien Encampment. This new dungeon is home to various types of demons. Adventurers will encounter lesser, greater and black demons. The mobs grow stronger as players advance into the dungeon. Those who prefer to fight dragons are invited to explore Taverly Dungeon Expansion. This place is inhabited by black dragons and their younglings. Brimhaven Dungeon went through a series of changes too. The new part called Brimhaven Dungeon Expansion houses bronze, iron and steel dragons. There is also a new entrance that allows faster access into the dungeon. Dogs are now found in a separate location, they are not roaming the dungeon like in the old days anymore.

Slayer Tower Dungeon received a new area that is swarming with all sorts of monsters. Players that dare to explore this new location should expect to fight against gargoyles, abyssal demons, bloodveld and nechryael. Aquatic monsters have appeared in a cave near the Piscatoris Fishing Colony. The Kraken Cove is swarming with waterfiends. Players who manage to defeat them get to match forces with the Kraken. The complete Runescape 2007 dungeon list contains lots of other dungeons. Some are available to free players but some are premium content available only to members. Most of the Runescape 2007 dungeons are related to quests and count as a requirement for completing certain quests.

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