More information about wine cabinets

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More information about wine cabinets, wine cooling and serving you will find at You will be directed to the page where you will find the latest information also about humidity, temperature, vibration, installation and delivery. Wine lovers know where to go to find the latest news. And if you want to write an article about your experiences your article will be placed on one of the article portals. And propably it will go viral. You can send your article to to the webmaster. We look forward to see what your wine adventure was. If you have nice pictures you can send them to oor if you have a nice Youtube movie we are always interested. So where is your story.

Do you have nice experiences with the delivery and installation team? Let us know, because we honor our employees to do a great job. So if you have a particular employee in mind to be the employee of the month, please let us know.

Your wine stories can also handle about specific unique wines you have been drinking. With friends or just at home for us it is always a special moment when you open a bottle of wine that is at the right temperature. Many people don’t realize that storing wines is more than just putting the wines in the fridge. The humidity should be correct, but how do you measure this in your wine cabinet? The wine specialists of Cavepromotor know exactly what has to be done.